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The “Make the FEST of It” Campaign raises funds to assist organizations, workers, businesses and fans effected by the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic in multiple ways to donate financial resources, material resources, as well as time and effort.

Donors who commit to an automatically debited monthly Patronage will receive the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign Pass that entitles them to a customized Do-It-At-Home Festival Package for each of the Stay At Home Party Events produced under Shelter In Place Orders during the 2020 festival season and a month free access to the Social Network partner that will host the first Stay At Home Party.

Fest Packs feature video streams from live bands, marathon EDM DJ sets, artist merchandise, access to live broadcasts of visual artists collaborations, video yoga instruction, bidding privileges for jewelry, apparel, and other merchandise at virtual auctions, entries for giveaways, video chat workshops, food deliveries from local food trucks, and much more Patrons get to choose from the lineup announced prior to each Stay At Home Party.

Tickets will also be available for each of the Stay At Home Party Events separately for those who are unable to commit to a monthly gift through Patronage.

Thanks in advance for becoming a Campaign Patron!

Stay At Home and Party

Can’t commit to being a Campaign Patron but still want to contribute by joining us for one of our Stay At Home Party Events?

You’re in luck! You can purchase Do-It-At-Home Festival Packages for each Stay At Home Party you choose to attend. The cost is a bit more than a monthly Patron Debit but you’ll be able to choose the Party you want to attend and have different themed Packages to choose from.

Themed Fest Packs feature either more live and EDM music, more art, more merchandise, or more workshops. Fest Pack purchasers will get to choose from the line-up more hours of what they want to see, hear and taste. Other themed Packs will be developed later based on the trends in lineup demands.

Thanks in advance for your Fest Pack Purchase!

Pledges, Donations and Gifts

Those who don’t want to Stay At Home and Party with the Campaign during the events but just want to offer financial gifts to the cause, can do so in several other ways.

To pledge a financial gift that can be debited from a credit card, an online payments system like PayPal or Venmo, or directly from an active bank account and be eligible for particular rewards associated with specific gifting levels, you can gift the Campaign via the soon to be available Crowdfunding effort.

You can also offer a financial gift immediately and directly to the Festival Friends Fund at the Foundation and Ministry of Limitless Ideas and Free Environments (L.I.F.E.). By giving this way, you also have control over how your gift is used by earmarking them to specific line items or populations.

If you don’t have the ability to add to the cause financially but have a material product that you can offer such as server space, offices, copying and printing of promotional supplies or merchandise, that can be negotiated as in-kind contributions with the campaign staff. Additionally needed services that can be provided to the campaign such as accounting, copy design, staff supervisions, production services for streaming content, or mentoring and legal or technical support services can also be negotiated as in-kind gifts.

Thank You in advance for all of your gifts and donations that will assist members of the community in weathering the Covid-19 storm!


“Make the FEST of It” raises funds and in return directly provides access to a growing lineup of festival related content to Campaign Patrons, Fest Pack holders, Crowdfunding Pledgers, Direct Donors, and In-Kind Gift providers continuously through our Social Network Partner and on the days of the special Stay At Home events.

All lineup content facilitated via the “Make the FEST of It” platform by cooperating partners are either full or partial contributions. Therefore, the content accessed via the platform is the sole intellectual property of the musicians, artists, workshop facilitators, merchandise makers, food establishments, performers, and other participants and is offered without a specified return compensation.

However, to encourage content offerings and to assist those offering content via the “Make the FEST of It” platform in several ways. First, the campaign facilitates direct “Tips” from Campaign Patrons Ticket Holders, Pledgers, Donors and Gift Givers to their content contributors. Second, as content is accessed via the platform, advertisement of other content takes place at no cost to contributors. The campaign provides time framed sponsorship of the advertisements area based on specific contribution donor levels (i.e., FREE 30 second spots for any contributor to the content lineup are sponsored by a donor who has given to the campaign above a certain level). Third, those accessing contributed content will be encouraged to “Give” to the Festival Friends Fund as well as offer “Tips” to contributors of the content being accessed. Contributors receive financial incentives in the form of percentages of gifts collected during their content air times. Finally, there is some live streamed content offered for which musicians’, artists’ performers’ and production personnel’s contributions will receive flat rate honorariums from the Campaign Administration Budget and the Festival Friends Fund.

Maybe you can’t assist the cause financially at this time or through the contribution of content but you have a lot of time and talent to contribute or perhaps you want to contribute financially and by working with the campaign!

Not only are musicians, artists, workshop facilitators, administrators, production assistants, information technology specialists, and other experts needed to offer live content during the Stay At Home Party Events, but a host of volunteer human power is needed to administer the coordination and collaboration that will be involved in this endeavor.

In order to “Make the FEST of It” this season, we need to rely on members of the festival community to step up and offer their expertise in audio and video production, internet marketing, social media influencing and so much more.

Because we are all in this together, we have to rely on the experts of the festival world to join us in making this all happen. So, write us below and tells us how you can or want to help and we will get you to the right people as quickly as we can.

Thanks in advance for your service!


Got a quick Question about becoming a monthly Patron, Donations, Participating, Festival Packages, Stay At Home Events this Summer, Lineups, Staff Positions or anything else that your burning to know more about?

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