Although much of the Campaign structure is developed, we are totally transparent with the fact that a lot is not fully clear on how some things will work as we continue to negotiate with contributors, partners and sponsors. That being said, our commitment to our patrons, ticket purchasers, contributors, pledgers, and donors is to be as transparent as we can and communicate as much as we can as we quickly grow and develop.

To kick off that effort, we’ve devised this set of Frequently Asked Questions that will surely expand as we continue our quest to provide all our festival friends with as much content and interaction as we can while they Stay At Home and enjoy themselves.

What is a “Make the FEST of It” Campaign Patronage?

A Patronage is the act of becoming a patron or a person who supports the campaign activity, especially by financially. For Make the FEST of It Campaign, a patronage is an agreement to have a designated donation debited monthly from an account at a financial institution or money transfer service.

What is the mission of “Make the FEST of It” Campaign?

To immediately assist businesses, individuals and organizational entities of the festival industry with relief from the negative economic impact of cancellations of events that serve as the bases of income for their annual enterprises while providing a continuing long-term solution that will curb extraction associated with operations stemming from the non-ownership of resources required for industry production.

What if my type of content is not traditionally a part festival lineups will that automatically disqualify my content from being a part of the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign platform?

No. Content will not be automatically disqualified from being included in the Make the FEST of It Stay At Home Party Event Lineup just because it is not traditionally a part of festival lineups or because it has not been previously featured at a festival event. Similarly, content that is traditional a part of festival experiences and/or has been previously featured at festival events will not automatically qualify for inclusion in a Make the FEST of It Stay At Home Party Event Lineup.

What are the restrictions on the amount and types of content that will be accepted by the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign?

Make the FEST of It will initially accept applications for an unlimited amounts of content contributions that are family friendly but geared toward the entertainment of persons 16 and older from any given contributor. Although contributors may apply to submit an unlimited amount of content contributions, not all content submitted may be accepted and not all accepted content may be placed in Stay At Home Party Event Lineups simultaneously.

What is the difference between the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign and its Stay At Home Party Events?

The Make the FEST of It Campaign is the overall operation to fulfill the Mission that includes developing financial and other resources to help relieve the economic difficulty on festival enterprises related to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Stay At Home Party Events are personalized experiences for monthly donating patrons, those receiving tickets as a result of one time donations, and those receiving tickets as a result of crowdfunding pledges or direct donations to the benefiting Festival Friends Fund that are delivered to their devices and doors via partners based on a pre-selected lineups from the total content available on the Make the FEST of It platform. 

What is the cost of supporting the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign?

At the moment the donation necessary to achieve Make the FESt of It Patron status or to enjoy a Stay At Home Party Event has not officially been designated. 

What kind of Tax Deductible contributions can be made to the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign?

Donations to Festival Friends Fund through the Make the FEST of It Campaign will soon be tax deductible when the Foundation and Ministry of Limitless Ideas and Free Environments, the organization administering the the fund, is approved for a 501(c) Status with the Internal Revenue Service.

What percent of the money collected by the “Make the FESt of It” Campaign goes to the Festival Friends Fund?

Conscious Universe Productions the facilitator of the Campaign to garner donations for the Festival Friends Fund is committed to using no more than 25% of all donations for the administration of the campaign and its fund-development activities.

Where will “Make the FEST of It” Campaign be held?

Make the FEST of It Campaign is not bound to any specific place! It is a Campaign that serves the entire community of festival related enterprises, which is an international community. However, the Campaign’s operations are headquartered in Denver, Colorado where it is spearheaded by the Conscious Universe Productions Benefit Corporation that has partnered with the Foundation and Ministry of Limitless Ideas and Free Environments, which administers that Festival Friends Fund that serves as the beneficiary of the Campaign’s efforts. 

Where can I find the current “Make the FEST of It” Campaign Lineup?

The Stay At Home Party Event Lineup has not been announced but we are looking forward to announcing the first round of content contribution acceptances soon. Stay At Home Party Event Lineups are chosen from the variety of accepted content contribution submissions by individual patrons, ticket holders, and donors. So each lineup is uniquely personalized. All accepted content contributors and their content that can be selected by patrons, ticket holders, and donors will be listed on the Make the FEST of It website at and Stay At Home Party Lineups will be sent to individuals after they have performed their selection prior to each Stay At Home Party Event.

When must content contributions be delivered to the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign?

Since the Make the FEST of It Campaign’s Stay At Home Network, which is in currently in negotiation with potential partners, is a platform that pushes content to the devices and doors of its patrons, ticket holders, crowdfunding pledgers, and donors, contributors need only create the content on their own hosted situation (website, music or video streaming services, cloud, etc.) then authorize and provide the necessary access that allows it to be shared through Make the FEST of It.

How do we sign up or apply to contribute content to the Make the FEST of It Stay At Home Network?

Browse to our Let’s Talk Page and look for the link that says “Contribute ‘Make the FEST of It’ Content Here” Under Participate. Click the link and fill out the Form and you will be contacted shortly thereafter by our Staff.

How will contributors benefit from their contributions to the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign?

The Let’s Talk Page of the Make the FEST of It website outlines the 4 ways content contributors can benefit. They will be able to receive tips when their content is being experienced. They will also receive a designated % of donations that are garnered for the Festival Friends Fund during their content exhibition. They will receive promotion from from Make the FEST of It during the exhibition of content that is not their own. Finally, if they are selected for particular live headlining sessions during Make the Fest of It Stay At Home Party Events, they will be compensated for their performances.

How will those effected by negatively by the Covid-19 Pandemic benefit from the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign?

Due to the Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemic in the U.S., an overwhelming majority of arts, music and festivals have been cancelled for the 2020 Season. Festival related commercial enterprises spend a lot of money and exhaust a lot of resources to prepare for their festival related work. Many expend non-refundable deposits, purchase non-refundable supplies, and invest in contracts and labor prior to the season. Enterprises in this predicament will be able to apply for Festival Friends Funds generated from the Make the FEST of It Campaign to receive grants relative to non-refundable expenditures, loss in potential sales income relative to average sales figures across previous years, or a loss n wages relative to signed work contracts.

How much content can I contribute to “Make the FEST of It” Campaign?

There is no limit to how much content can be contributed to the Make the FEST of It Campaign. Just remember that all content contribution applications are reviewed and the content you wish to contribute must accepted.

How can I financially contribute to the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign?

Financial contributions can be made in four ways:
1. Monthly debit amount from a financial account or service as a Patron
2. Obtaining a Ticket to access a Stay At Home Party Event by donation
3. Pledging a particular amount via one of the Campaign’s Crowdfunding efforts
4. Giving directly to the Festival Friends Fund on behalf of the Make the FEST of It Campaign at

How can I contribute to the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign without giving money or offering content?

The Make the FEST of It Campaign is an effort of collaboration between various parties from the different sectors of the festival production community. The Campaign operations relies on an administration budget subtracted from funds raised, from content contributions, and from partner resource contributions including materials and labor. Therefore, if you can’t contribute financially, you can contribute needed materials or provide supplies or you can offer labor. Examples of material resources that are needed include promotional material like posters; radio, television, and internet promotions spots; as well as studio time to record promotional spots. The Campaign also needs supplies necessary to function such as computer equipment for our remote corps of workers and updates to the infrastructures of our social media partners’ equipment that will be hosting our platform. Finally, you could contribute much needed labor such as computer programming or coding work that is needed to advance our technology; intellectual knowledge such as alternative currency and credit union know how that may come in handy in developing our internal network stakeholder options; as well as spending hours making phone calls, contacting people on Social Media, or spending time developing content for our platforms.

How long does my FREE Stay At Home Network access last while I am a “Make the FEST of It” Campaign Patronage?

Once the patronage and crowdfunding campaigns begin in the coming weeks, anyone will be able to become a monthly patron or pledge to donate a specific amount to the Make the FEST of It Campaign. Shortly thereafter, Make the FEST of It content that has been contributed these past several weeks will become available to patrons via the Stay At Home Network platform we’re negotiating with our social media partners. Patrons receive FREE access to our Stay At Home Network platform throughout the entire month that their patron amount covers. Patron amounts collected cover the following month’s Make the FEST of It campaign activities. As long as your monthly patronage remains active, access to the growing amount of content on the platform will be available. Should you cancel your monthly patronage, access to content will cease 15-30 days after your last patron donation is withdrawn.

How does the “Make the FEST of It” Crowdfunding work with the Campaign?

We will shortly announce and promote the beginning of our crowdfunding campaign through a familiar site. Throughout the campaign, pledges will solicited to support overall Make the FEST of It operations that include gifting 75% of the funds collected to the FESTIVAL FRIENDS FUND. A number of rewards will be offered based on pre-determined pledge levels noted by the crowdfunding campaign and those rewards will be delivered within 60 days of the crowdfunding campaign’s completion or 30 days the completion of pledge amount withdrawal from accounts, whichever occurs first. Pledge amounts to the crowdfunding campaigns will not be refundable.

Why do I need to give the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign credit card or money services information to become a Patron?

To become a Patron with the Make the FEST of It Campaign in support of Festival Organizers, Workers, and Businesses economically effected negatively my cancellations and other decisions relative to the 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak, you will need to commit to donating a monthly amount to campaign operations. Patron amounts must be collected prior to the month they will be used to insure that they are available to the monthly operations budget for which they serve as income. In order to insure that income is available for use by the Make the FEST of It accounts, an automatic debit withdrawal is necessary from an account of a money service. This allows us to quickly validate the amount of resources we have to use overall for any given month’s operations and facilitates any problems that may occur with patrons’ lack of funds relative to their agreed monthly patron amount.

Is my purchase of a ticket to a “Make the FEST of It” Campaign Stay At Home Event Tax Deductible?

If you are not a Patron with Make the FEST of It and you decide you want to attend a Stay At Home Event, you can donate prior to that event and receive a ticket code that gives you access to the Stay At Home Network platform for a particular amount of time and a particular set of content that you select. Ticket Codes are officially rewards provided in return for donations to the Festival Friends Fund. Therefore they should become tax deductible when the administering Foundation and Ministry of L.I.F.E. achieves 501(c) status.

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