“Make the FEST of It” with Do-It-At-Home customized Festival Packages for that Stay At Home Party for you and a few friends!

With Social Distancing Mandates and Stay At Home Orders happening all over the world in an attempt to slow the spread of Novel Coronavirus, festivals are being postponed indefinitely while many shows are being cancelled, venues are being closed and all of our social lives are seriously being curtailed.

It may be for the best in the long term but what do we do in the meantime while we wait for things to get back to normal?

Personally! We think All of our Festival Friends should Stay At Home and Party!

Since we are all in this together, to help you “Make the FEST of It”, some of your favorite live musicians, EDM DJs, artists, yogis, workshop teachers, flow arts and circus performers, merchandise vendors, local food growers and food delivery trucks and services have all come together to provide you with a spectacular lineup to choose from to create your own Do-It-At-Home Festival Packages that are delivered to your door and device every month so you and your most intimate friends can get up off that couch and throw a Stay At Home Party.

So before Cabin Fever goes horribly wrong,…

…do something incredibly right!!

Sign Up Now for a discounted Monthly Subscription to the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign and get ready to choose from the exciting forthcoming lineups for the first monthly Stay At Home Party that will be announced shortly and the others to follow.

If you don’t want to commit to a discounted monthly subscription but just want to to join us for either the first Stay At Home Party targeted for May 2020 or for one in a future months, you can Join the Email list and purchase your Do-It-At-Home Festival Packages in advance for a single or for multiple events when the offer hits your Inbox.

Your Subscription to the “Make the FEST of It” Campaign or purchases of any Do-It-At-Home Fest Packs will benefit hundreds of local musicians, festival workers, and festival related enterprises that depend on the yearly festival economy for their livelihood through proceeds donated to the Festival Friends Fund.