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The “Make The Fest of It” Campaign is a collaboratively produced monthly Stay At Home Party Venture that delivers music, artistic, educational and other wellness content products and services selected from available lineups to the doors and devices of monthly patrons and single event ticket holders on particular days throughout the festival season and potentially beyond. The funds raised benefit festival enterprises and workers negatively impacted by cancellations and shutdowns related to the 2020 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in the U.S.

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As COVID-19 spreads,
so does the break down of our connection,
the inability to share our art and experiences,
the negative impact on our economic livelihood,
and the sadness of not being able to reach out and touch each other.

As the virus attacks bodies, minds and hearts,
let it not attack the passion, the will, and the spirit of love and giving that flows through the members of our community.
We’ve ALWAYS been in this together!
Now the challenge is to truly come together in the hours we must be apart.

Stop! Look around you and what do you see?
This entire city was brought here for one reason…


– Todd Norris, Arizona Burner

In memory of all of the incredible loving experiences that THE TRIBE has brought to us, it’s an honor in this time of need to bring some love back to THE TRIBE!

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…All of our Festival Friends!

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Featured Photographs are the works of Jacob Tyler Dunn, Neal Briant, ontheDL Photo LLC, Samantha Harvey, and Sean Poitras.